Michael Woolcock

michael in dayelsfordHi, that’s me MichaelTWoolcock on the left. I  create contemplative paintings from my own contemplative or meditative inner experiences. Peruse them at your leisure thru the contemplative painting galleries link in the menu above. 

Contemplation is simply a more active form of meditation. Most ofthe paintings are an abstract expression of what I experienced in contemplation.  I love sharing the experiences that created these paintings and poems. I have created approx 130  paintings since 1994.

What are Contemplative Paintings?  Well, basically it’s my term for the process I have used/been shown, that has resulted in most of my work.

Since 1990 I have been studying and participating in contemplation and meditation. The reason I mention this is because after about 4 years of this practice, I experienced a strong urge to start painting, which I had never done before.

I had only ever done tracings of my favourite comic book heroes as a boy. So I was very unsure of what would happen when I tried my hand at painting.

 --- A Frozen Moment --- The recognition and restfullness of the moment
— A Frozen Moment —
The recognition and restfullness of the moment

I discovered that after a contemplation session, at some point after the session during the day, I would get this strong urge to paint. I would have NO IDEA what I was going to paint, I would simply start by allowing myself to be guided as to which color to start with. Then I would intuitively make a mark on my paper, maybe a circle, line, square etc. As I progressed I would recognise within myself what the painting was about, i.e a boat, a flower etc.


I progressed in this manner, intuiting what the next color would be, until the paper was filled.After the first time of doing this, I realized that the state of consciousness that I experienced in my contemplation session, had magically appeared physically in the painting I had just completed.


Usually but not always, after gazing at the completed painting, I would experience a rush of gratitude/Joy  flowing thru me, for being able to be the vehicle for this magic to happen. So that is why I call my paintings “Contemplative”. Some are more deeply contemplative than others, depending on my inner state when they where created.

You may find a lot of the paintings very simplistic and childlike. This is mainly because I have no artistic training at all. They are all very simple. They are not really paintings in a strict Art Technique kind of way.

As I’ve explained above they are MY representations of a state of consciousness that I have experienced. You may have a completely different viewpoint about each painting than I have.

 --- Star Of Eight --- The Restrictiveness of our own Perceptions of Ourselves
— Star Of Eight —
The Restrictiveness of our own Perceptions of Ourselves

To get the most out of viewing them, I suggest doing a meditation, or whatever you use to raise your state of awareness. If you wish you can try singing or chanting the word HU (pronounced hue), which can help to raise anyone’s state of awareness. (see my personal growth page for more info about the HU)

When viewing a painting, allow yourself to notice your inner state as you view it. How does it make you feel?  Try not to reason about it, but notice your feelings, your awarenesses about it.


Then after recognising your feelings and awarenesses about it, ask your intuition what do these feelings and awarenesses mean for you. If you get nothing, try another one. Hopefully one or more will strike a chord for you. The links to all my galleries are in the main menu above under Painting galleries I hope you find some thing that you enjoy.


 --- A Special Place --- Quiet contemplation in nature connects us to divine love
— A Special Place —
Quiet contemplation in nature connects us to divine love

I have also created a number of poems or prose (whichever you choose to call them), inspired from my paintings. I have put up 16 so far, and will be adding to that over time. These are on the Contemplative Poetry page (doh), in the main menu above.  

On the Personal growth page I have some info on tools  and techniques I use
in my personal growth journey.  One is a chant I use called the HU (pronounced Hue). Chanting HU can help to lift the consciousness and make available to us our own inate divine guidance whenever we need it. It can bring calm, peace and inner knowingness of our true divine nature. Click here to find out more about the HU and other personal growth tools and techniques.

On my Contact Details page, you can find all my contact details, address, email, skype and facebook here , as well as a contact form to leave me a message if you wish.

 --- Treasured Moments --- The joy of finding ones self
— Treasured Moments —
The joy of finding ones self

The Blog page has all the latest updates to the site, new paintings, comments about new and old paintings, poems added, or anything else relevant to my paintings poetry, contemplative experiences etc.  

All the best – Michael