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Below you will find quite a few tools I have used and still use in my personal growth journey. All of them have helped me to one degree or another. Some are free and others are not. Check them out and see if any of them resonate with you. All the best and I hope you find something that is helpful to you.  


Singing / Chanting HU

 --- Hu Rainbow --- Experience the uplifting divine inner light thru singing HU (sung as Hue)
— Hu Rainbow —
Experience the uplifting divine inner light thru singing HU (sung as Hue)

One of the personal growth tools I use on my personal growth journey is a sound I sing or chant to uplift myself and connect to my own intuitive guidance, The sound I sing/chant is called HU (pronounced hue).   When I sing it, I find after a little while it takes me out out whatever mental merry go round I have gotten myself into, and helps me rest in the recognition that I am more than my mental thoughts or emotions.  From there I am then able to access whatever I need to know or do,  to be able resolve whatever it was that got me into difficulties in the first place.

HU is a universal sound that has been used by many cultures and religions in the past and is still used today by a number of different religions and groups. Eckankar, the Path of spiritual freedom, is one of the modern day  groups that use the HU. Part of their mission is to let everyone know about the HU, so those who wish to can benefit from using it.

Immediately below you can listen to a 5 minute recording of a large number of people singing the HU, to see if you like it. Further below is a video about the HU.

If you wish you can download a free 5 min long sample of the HU from the Eckankar website by right clicking  this link and selecting “Save link as” or “Save target as” (depending on your browser), then saving it to your preferred location on your computer. Or you can purchase a 20 minute mp3 file of the HU to download for $0.99 from the Eckankar website here.

Click the Play button below to listen to a 5 minute sample of the HU Song




Here is the video about the HU






If you are interested in a free Spiritual Experiences Guide book compiled by Eckankar, simply click the image on the left. That will take you to a page on the eckankar website, and the book will be sent out to you. The book also includes a free cd which has a 5 minute HU song recorded on it.








Most Benevolent Outcomes


gentlewaybook1 gentlewaybook2 gentlewaybook3Most Benevolent Outcomes are about requesting help from your guides and angels. Tom T Moore has written 3 books on the subject.   

The 1st book is called “The Gentle Way – A Self help guide for those who believe in angels” His 2nd book carries on from his 1st book and is titled “The Gentle Way II – A Self help guide for those who believe in angels” The 3rd book is Titled “The Gentle Way III – Master Your Life”  If you click on any of toms books to the left, it will take you to where you can purchase any of his books with free worldwide shipping. 

Toms website is On his website is much more information than I could give you and he shares some free chapters of his 1st book as well as giving complete examples of how the MBO technique works and how to use it.

Myself and Erika have used MBO’s MANY times and stiil do. We heartily reccommend his books. 









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  1. Thank you for your inspiring artwork and hu video. Thank you to Erica for sharing about Hooponopono cleaning tools too.



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