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Hi all, here is page 1 of sixteen of my contemplative poems. You can access the other three pages via the contemplative poetry link in the main menu above, or via the pages links immediately below.  I have joined up each poem with a matching painting. I hope you enjoy them.

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 --- Settled --- The contentedness of acceptance
— Settled —
The contentedness of acceptance


I sought a time and place of which I knew not where

where was it, where is it, I cried out in despair.

A space, a place, to open wide and fly unfettered free.

A sacred place, that special place, its time has come to be.

A connection, a link, in a timeless place for souls to join as one,

and feel that place, that endless space of my home that’s finally come






 --- Awakening Dreams --- Visions of Manifestation
— Awakening Dreams —
Visions of Manifestation


Trapped in a timeless pause, an endless moment,

forever pursuing a non sought after idea,

expressing the limitless guile of a laughing smile.

Insulated, apart, a far off tender glance,

reflects the glory of a shining tear.

Through the watery grave of the mind’s dead ideas,

arise waves of thought, pounding wind blown shores.

Treeless forests spread their branches over open plains.

Heavenly winds descend, scouring the landscape from mountain
to shore.

bringing calm to the raging seas of thought.





— Eternal Bridge —
A connecting point between worlds


I see thee in the grandest heights and in the sunken seas,

around the dancing flowers, that prance and dance for me.

Upon the staid and static stones, I look and there you are,

not here or there, but everywhere, never very far






— Inner Space —
The space that exists when accepting ourselves as we are right now

Little Tree

A teasing touch of a gentle breeze,

beckons my awareness awake.

Come and see while I play with this tree,

as it rattles and shivers and shakes.

A leaf blowing free in this green flowing tree,

settles in the silence within.

True to its task, it is still at last,

by a face that is framed by a grin.



Other Poetry Pages: page 1  page 2  page 3  page 4 


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